About Us


I’m David Jones and welcome to WebWell—your final stop for all things CBD.

WebWell is dedicated to providing people just like you with everything you need to know about CBD so that you can make informed decisions about using it as a regular part of your healthy living routine.

But first, let me tell you a little about why I created this website…

CBD oil changed my life.

You see, for years I suffered from a debilitating health condition. I don’t want to go into all the details, but my symptoms left me regularly in pain on a daily basis.

I tried traditional medicine for years. I tried to have faith in my doctors, in the system. But despite following all the expert advice from high paid professionals, my quality of life never improved.

It cost me money, time, and a lot of sleepless nights.

Then a friend said two words that changed my life: CBD oil.

I had heard a bit about the medicinal uses of cannabis, but as I studied Pharmacy at University, I had a hard time breaking away from my preconceived notions about what health care was supposed to look like.

By this point, though, my condition was worsening and I was desperate for relief. And it’s not like taking CBD oil is the same as smoking marijuana.

I did some research and learned that cannabidiol, the active agent in CBD oil, is a safe, legal health supplement that has been documented by actual scientific research to relieve symptoms in all sorts of different diseases, conditions, and disorders.

So I gave it a try.

Within two weeks of taking CBD oil daily, my symptoms eased incredibly. While CBD oil isn’t a proven cure for anything, it does offer an untapped source of relief for those who haven’t found any from traditional medicine.

I am not cured, but CBD oil has brought pain relief when nothing else could. I decided to build this site, WebWell, so that others around the world could also find hope in the healing powers of CBD.

My commitment is to provide accurate, well-researched information on CBD oil.

Trust me, I’ve done a ton of research, and there is a LOT of really untrustworthy stuff out on the web thrown up by stoners looking to make a few bucks on adverts.

WebWell is about setting the record straight on CBD. I promise to cite actual research from actual scientists published in actual journals on the medical benefits of this far too misunderstood health supplement.

So browse around, arm yourself with information, and learn how CBD oil can become a regular part of your health and well being.