Sandwell Women’s Aid

Sandwell Women’s Aid provides services to women experiencing domestic violence. We are a registered charity providing support services and emergency accommodation to women since 1985. The support and facilities are recognised as one of the most leading within the Sandwell borough.

Domestic violence is one of the most common forms of crime in our society today.

  • 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence
  • Domestic violence offences comprise around 25% of all assaults recorded by the police
  • Women aged 16 – 29 are at the greatest risk of experiencing domestic violence
  • 90% of children are in the same or the next room when violence is taking place
  • 70% of women in refuges say their partners have also been physically violent to their children

There is no single definition for the term domestic violence, but it can usually be defined to include any form of psychological, emotional, economical, physical or sexual abuse carried out in a relationship involving a partner or spouse. Any women regardless of age, class, ability, race, religion or sexuality can experience domestic violence.

Sandwell Women’s Aid has a range of external services to reach women and promote agency partnerships to create a network of support.

  • Confidential one to one meetings
  • Counselling
  • Specialist Asian Women support services
  • Joint working and partnerships with agencies through community development
  • Training and awareness programmes
  • Volunteering programmes
  • Empowering women programmes and support groups
  • 24-hour helpline for advice and referrals
  • Emergency accommodation

Domestic violence can affect a woman and her children in many ways. A woman may become depressed, lose self-confidence and find that her health and well-being is being affected. Sandwell Women’s Aid provides a range of specialist activities and programmes to encourage women in self-development and opportunities for change.

Our refuge is considerate of women with children, single women and those who may need wheelchair access. Within the refuge, the support services are diverse and practical with an emphasis on empowering the woman to make a change, recognise her choices, recognise her choices and plan for their future.

This is encouraged through:

  • Advice, information and practical help (with the availability of the Asian specialist service)
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy and Befriending
  • Confidentiality and cultural sensitivity
  • Links with Housing and Legal Advice services
  • Training and Guidance opportunities
  • Alternative and complementary therapies
  • Specialist Family support service
  • Resettlement and aftercare service

How to contact us

To find out more about Sandwell Women’s Aid services or to make a referral contact:

24 Hour contact – advice and referrals: 0121 552 6448

Or visit the website: women’s