Lose weight with Slimwell

Slimwell is a 20-week weight management programme that includes:

  • Healthy eating information
  • Behaviour change
  • Physical activity
  • Each Session last for an hour and a half
  • Weekly weigh in and goal setting each week
  • Reviews at 10 and 20 weeks
  • Different weekly topics e.g. fats, sugars, hunger and craving, label reading etc.
  • Incentives for reaching your goals
  • 30 minutes low impact physical activity as part of each session
  • Opportunities for one to one discussions with the Slimwell leader during the programme
  • Slimwell is not a diet it is a programme designed to help people improve their lifestyle, through healthy eating and physical activity.
  • There will be a £5.00 joining fee which includes a printed participant handbook of the information on the programme and each session will cost a £1.00 per week.

Download the Slimwell Referal Form Here.

If you are interested and would like further details then please contact

0800 011 4656